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Welcome to the website of recorders@plymouth.

 Recorders@plymouth is an independent playing group for recorder players, particularly in and around Plymouth although many come from further afield. We meet on the first Saturday of each month (except February) and have a full programme of recorder playing days and events throughout the year.  We usually have between twenty and thirty players at each meeting and a full range of instruments from Sopranino to Contra Bass. We are not able to accept beginners or descant only players. Some of the music we play has no descant part and when there is a descant part we only have 2 players at a time and when you have played descant on one piece of music you need to move to another part to give others the opportunity to play descant. If you would like to come and see if the group is suitable for you just bring your recorders and a music stand.  All music is provided by the conductor on the day, usually involving a wide variety of genres from Medieval to Minimalism. Tea, coffee and cake is available for a voluntary contribution.